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Strumenti DIY e open source per l'ambiente, aria, acqua, da costruire, provare, migliorare, perchè misurare è un diritto di tutti e ci avvicina di più alla natura.


Co-Scienza Ambientale is a Project by Paolo Bonelli intending to promote the environmental monitoring by any citizen. We want to design a suite of low cost instruments able to measure and transmit environmental parameters from your river, pond, air in the city where you live. Open electronics and digital fabrication allow us to reach this goal. The "maker spirit" is the most important ingredient to engage this challenge.


Are you sure that Environmental Authorities in your Country produce a sufficient effort to  prevent any illegal pollution?

Severe events are not rare, especially in large urban and industrial areas. Do you remember Fukushima? Many people in Japan did not trust in official Goverment data. A network of private and independent measurements has been built, by means of low cost radiation counter.



Sharing ideas, projects, experiences is the basis to develop reliable, cheap and easy to build instruments. They should allow us to measure the pollution level of water, air and terrain.

Get Involved

This web site is a tool to collect ideas and projects and diffuse them. You can contact us in order to give your contribute to the project objectives and to the site

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