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How you can make and set up a “Mini Rete LoRa”

... and monitor (almost) anything​

Today we talk a lot about IOT (Internet Of Things), meaning objects scattered around the house, the factory or even on the open field, that send data to the Internet in order to monitor environmental parameters and eventually activate alarm messages.

Such systems are already on the market, but, in addition to the their price, the main obstacle for many people looking for a particular application is their lack of flexibility. In other words, a lot of people need to build their IOT system by putting together individual pieces of hardware and software like a LEGO.


Think of a farmer who needs weather variables on the own field,  a small town community who needs to monitor rainfall, river levels or landslides in order to have alarm on their cell phone.  OK, these guys don’t know the basic of electronics but the Arduino revolution taught us that many people can learn very fast to manage these stuff. Furthermore, makerspaces and fablabs are almost everywhere and their communities often make themselves available to ordinary people to help them.

But what technologies can a guy, who wants to make and set up an IOT system, use?

For a private person with little familiarity with electronics, a data transmission technology is needed that uses cheap hardware and possibly easy-to-use open source software; it may also be useful for these systems to work outside the walls of the house, outdoors, where there is no electricity or WiFi facilities. In these cases LoRa transmission technology is an good opportunity and it can be used everywhere.

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